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DHHS: Atripla No Longer Recommended as First-Line HIV Therapy

, by Emily Land

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recently demoted the widely-used HIV combination pill Atripla from first-line HIV therapy recommendations, not because of a problem with the drug itself, but because of the changing landscape in HIV treatment. Read More

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Ask A Pharmacist: With a new tenofovir, should you switch to Descovy, Genvoya or Odefsey?

, by Jennifer Cocohoba, PharmD, AAHIVE

Pharmacist Jen Cocohoba gives us the low down on what to consider if you’re interested in asking your health care provider about switching to treatments with the newest version of tenofovir. Read More

No Link Between Efavirenz and Neurocognitive Impairment in Italian Study

, by San Francisco AIDS Foundation

Efavirenz was in the clear, but what other factors were linked with neurocognitive impairment in this study? Find out in this report from AIDS 2014. Read More

New Tool for Predicting Kidney Disease Risk with Tenofovir

, by San Francisco AIDS Foundation

How might a new kidney disease risk score help tailor the safest possible regimens for people living with HIV? Read More

IAS 2013 Keynote Looks at Aging with HIV

, by Liz Highleyman

HIV and aging, new antiretroviral treatment guidelines, and the impacts of drug policy on HIV and hep C epidemics were the focus of day one at the International AIDS Society Conference. Read More

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